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Cherry Pie

Well this is my favourite recipe for cherry cake, I love it so much I make that cake pretty often.
The good thing is that you need less than half an hour for preparations and so on :)

You need:
175g sugar
200g butter
1 packet vanilla sugar
pinch salt
5 eggs
250g sour cream
1 packet baking powder
400g flour
2 jars of morello cherries

First you melt the butter.
If it's melt you put sugar, vanilla sugar and eggs to the butter and stir it all up.
Then you put the sour cream and after stiring that you put the flour and the backing powder (please sieve it!).
The dough is supposed to be pretty liquid, so don't you wonder if it turns out liquid indeed.
Put the dough onto a greased baking tray, then put the cherries (without their juice of course) on the dough.
Press the cherries on.
It has to be like 45minutes in the oven (200°C) but you have to decide yourself if it needs a bit longer or not ;)
You might put a bit of icing sugar over the cake after it cooled.

Additionally you might put blueberries (frozen) on the cake, too instead of a second jar of cherries.
Just be eager to try new things (fruits hehe) out :)

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