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ice creams

Here is a very simple recipe, for you to cook you own ice creams!

You can try it with strawberries, peaches, manguos;But I must confess that my favourite flavour is the peaches ice-cream.

Take (for exemple) 250 gr. of your chosen fruits; and crush them.
If you have 250 gr of fruits, you have to get the half dose of "fresh cream" (I'm not sure about the orthograph ^^). So you'll take 125 gr of "fresh cream", and mix it with the fruits in the same receptacle.
Then you have to get the half dose of sugar. So take basically 65 gr of sufar; and mix with the other ingredients.
Then, put it in your freezer!

I have to warn you: these ice creams are quite hard to turn out,but it's normal! ;b

So, brievly:
-4 dose of rruits
-2 of cream
-1 of sugar!

Enjoy it.
I hope I've been clear haha ^^
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