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I take this oppertunity to tell you all our dear cook Anne, the author of SIMPLE COOKING is in London now. For a whole year.
Kids, it breaks my heart. In joy and sadness she's gone. I should go to London very soon.
Maybe she's lucky to end up in a kitchen (you know she's doing some working experience there) and TEACH those hotel-people how to cook simple and nice :D
haha xD

Plus this community was rather dead lately, I'm going to tell you some more recipes as soon as I'm cooking anything (and I was cooking lots).
Only problem'd be I can't upload pictures before October 1st.
We'll see.

By the way I was baking the cake I already posted as cherry pie using NO cherries at all this time! Instead it was blueberries (frozen) and two mangos (cos they were so soft, one had to eat them, so I put them in the cake).
What a treat.
It's lovely, try it out anytime :D
Or with other fruits and share your experiences.

Last words:
Let's all hope Anne's doing fine and enjoys her year in the UK.
We miss you and love you <3
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