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Alright, where are the curry recipes I need? :P

I found a cute little recipe a friend of mine wrote down once. Thank you Cloé :D
Looks as if this is the easiest chocolate cake I've ever seen.
I didn't do it myself but I am certain it'll be fast and easy and delicious.
It's still easter, so if you don't have cake anymore, make this one:

200gr of salty butter
200gr of black chocolate
200gr of sugar
100gr of flour
4 eggs

Pre-heat your oven.
Melt the butter, in a receptacle, in your micro-waves.
Then, add the chocolate, and melt the mix again.
Then, add the sugar, stir up.
Then, add the flour, stir up.
Then, add the whole eggs (white and yellow), stir.

Butter your cake tin, add your mix and let it bake 15min - 25min.
Actually, just check from time to time, to see if it's fine and if the cake isn't burning.
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