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A touch of the Old Farmhouse

I unearthed these old treasures yesterday, and ran them through the new Fischer-Paykel dishwasher.  They had not been unwrapped since I first left Wisconsin over 10 years ago.

They were considerably grimy; but have an interesting history.

My Great - Grandmother used them for canning back in the 1880's until the time of her death in 1970.  I inherited these few directly from her basement with old root cellar from the original farm built back in 1870, by my Great - Grandfather, Jadusch.  (phonetic spelling)

From left to right they hold:
Sun dried tomatoes, whole rolled oats for oatmeal,  pasta, Urid Dal, ( Indian legume ), pasta, and orzo.

My Great-Grandmother's antique
My Great-Grandmother's antique  "Ball" and "Drey" Mason Jars.  Original zinc tops and glass with wire bales.

I think they look lovely in my cool, modern kitchen, and they always start great cooking and family conversations!
What memories does your kitchen hold for you?
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