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Eggplants :D

First of all... PREHEAT THE OVEN! ^^

So... I bought those two cute, little eggplants. Not those baby/ Asian eggplants, normal ones, just pretty small.
I cut them in halfes and put lots of salt on it.
In the meantime I chopped half a yellow bell pepper, some leftover cocktail tomatoes (uhm about 7?) and three large garlic cloves (because it's healthy, yummy and goes well with eggplants!) and mixed them together. I also added some leftover pasta sauce with olives.
Then I added some freshly chopped basil, cayenne pepper and black pepper. You have to try out what you like most or additionally want to egg. I didn't use extra salt as the eggplants still taste a little salty and my pasta sauce was quite good anyway ^^
Then I cleaned the egglpants with a tissue and put them into a baking dish which I dabbed with olive oil.
Also, I put olive oil on the eggplants. Don't worry if you take "too much" because you can't never take too much olive oil for eggplants, they'll soak it in ^^ they shouldn't swim or drown in oil though.
Next the yellow bell pepper - tomatoes - garlic - pasta sauce - salad was added onto the eggplants and all together it went into the oven.

It's real yummy.

If you're not vegan as Anne and me you may add some grated cheese ^^ (Or if you are vegan and have vegan cheese, add it too, only I ate all my vegan cheese and can't add it anymore, booo)

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