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I'll make a start with the recipe from my last entry


I'm a huge fan of the asian kitchen, in particular of thai food. but today I had no possibility of buying some special ingredients, so I took what I had, and out came this really yummy^^ kind of a curry.
I'd say it's the most western-taste-friendly meal I've ever cooked. but I love it and so did my family. you can't do anything wrong and the spieces should be to find in 98% of european households. so have fun :)

what you need:
1 aubergine
1 zucchini
1 small onion
½ tin of coconut milk
1 chicory
200 gramm chanterelle
200 gramm smoked tofu
200 gramm feta (greek, made out of sheep-milk ;o)

for spicing:
white pepper
black pepper
yellow curry paste

Heat some of the coconut milk in a pan on medium leve till it’s hot. Then
Add the quartered tofu and onion and also some white/black pepper, sugar and salt. Slimmer on very low heat, this is important, cause the coconut milk mustn’t curdle.

In the meanwhile quarter the vegetables and part them in two. On the one side aubergine and zucchini. And on the other chanterelles and chicory.

When the onion is glasslike, add some curry paste and curcuma, let it slimmer for a while and then add the aubergine and zuchinni.

When the aubergine and zucchini are also glasslike add the chicory and chanterelle.
Let it alltogether slimmer with the rest of the coconut milk for about 3 minutes.

Turn off the plate and add some pepper and salt.
And now comes the best part. The feta cheese. Add some of it to the still hot pan and serve the rest of it with some pitabread. If you don’t have pita, you can also use some toasted whole grain bread.

A meal ain’t a meal without the right drink. For the ‘yummy yummy pan’ I recommend you this california dry white wine. Some of you might say now – god anne, leave me alone, dry wine! But, this one is pretty fruity with it’s lemonish taste:

Sutter Home
Family Vineyards
Sauvignon Blanc

It costs around 5 euro. But I wouldn’t call it a low-class wine, as it’s my favourite at the moment ;o)

So and now just one last thing....

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